Friday, November 24, 2006


fantastic late season mtb yesterday. crazy rains had the trails in flood condition, but it wasn't that nasty 2-month old bog water, but nice "clean" rainwater. insanely nice day for this time of yr, 55, bluebird, perfect. wasn't riding all the lines by any means but hit enough to have me smiling all day. andy's back on his big bike, so trying to keep-up w/him on the rocky north shore had me beat-down tired last night, first time in a while, felt good to be wasted after a ride. special guest appearance by mr brad beveridge, pretty exciting stuff. made-up for mr hurley bailing on us to ski the 3 open runs at the River. guess that guy needed to get his ski on in a bad way!

brad contemplating his 32lb hardtail.

trail maintenance?

got some movies, but can't seeem to get them to work... the last one is really worth it, somebody (don't want to give it away) took a digger worth watching! i'll get these stupid links to work eventually... dropped a guinness into my laptop wed night and it's cooked. why is that important? why do people write questions they're about to answer? kinda annoying. i digress, w/o my laptop, i don't got no FTP info, can't load my junk onto other people's sites! oh wait, let's try youtube...


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