Monday, February 05, 2007

can someone else ride my bike home?

10 degrees, headwind from the west at 27mph, gusting to something awful. almost dark outside, will be by the time i'm geared-up, wind chills of the artic variety, not really thrilled about throwing a leg over the top tube for the westward grind home. if i hadn't missed (well, i really wouldn't say i missed it) the wknd's planned 3hr indoor session, it'd be no contest, time to hop on the T for a comfy train ride home reading the metro... the winter commuter is heavy and slow - into a headwind like this i'll be lucky to push 14-15mph. man, got to get fired-up for this commute! writing this isn't helping, i'm just procrastinating... work is done for the day and i'm sitting here typing ... typing some emails now...

dan d is fired-up for the innagural jay winter mtb. he mentioned that the trails have really packed-down - is guessing conventional bikes should do fine in these conditions.. he'll be riding everyday leading-up to the race and posting updates on the race blog. i hope to join Dan and Brook for a mid-week ride, get some rubber on that snow, see if the Pugsley is right for me - and maybe Brook's Sike, looks pretty bad-ass for getting more outside pedaling in during the winter. or maybe the steel deluxe, need some time on the snow to decide.

i've wasted enough time. thoughts of the jay winter mtb have me fired-up enough (more like scared enough) to hammer-through this arctic headwind. just hope those gore-tex socks arrive this week! the feet are the week link...


At 2/05/2007 6:05 PM, Blogger Andy said...

ski googles would be appropriate for a comute like tonight's.


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