Sunday, March 04, 2007

too soon

as in, it was way too soon to say "i'm back in action." friday morning i awoke to the most horrific chest cold i've had in many yrs. small breaths result in painful hacking, intense sinus pressure, had to bail from the planned ride and hunker-down. pretty damned bummed. finally got on a roll, was looking at a solid week of spinning and BAM! down. with only 7wks till the cohutta, i am not pleased with this cold, which feels more like friggin' pneumonia. thursday's ride was perfect, but the spin up Bragg Hill Rd on the studs was intense, had me sweating like crazy, then caught a nasty chill on a long descent that i couldn't shake for the rest of the ride. crap. who knew a chill could really result in getting sick!? i seriously thought that was an old wive's tale.

saturday, 12" of fresh snow at the house was too irresistible and hit Mt Ellen with the crew yesterday, me hacking and coughing the entire day as we hit-up glade runs i'd never seen or heard of. steep, narrow, then opening-up into stretches of powder where you'd get 5 or 40 good untracked powder turns in. what a day! the chest cold had me a little sluggish (bounced off a cpl trees, focus danielson!) and didn't complain about an hr stop for lunch or a 3p exit for a cpl refreshments. it was all i had, everytime the heart rate got up i'd feel dizzy - and today am feeling it. but, rest is a slow death and i see a cpl hr "easy" ride on the Steel Deluxe in my future, hacking cough and all. best way to kick a cold is to convince yourself you're not sick - or maybe that's a good way to get pneumonia? that aside, need to get-out on the teles, holy crap that's a lot of work. on the board i just float and bounce, but the teles are all work. need to stop being a Sally, then maybe i won't feel guilty about not biking on epic powder days.

Since I don't have any pics of us riding/skiing yesterday, here's one of John Egan (yeah, he can't ski!) rippin' it up at the Bush:


At 3/04/2007 6:05 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Yes the bush was epic saturday, my legs are still burning from all the tele turns in heavy snow.

Trails are looking great for some mtb action, snowmobile trails that is. Let me know if you are good to go ride

At 3/06/2007 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

frosty says 40 oz buzz bombs drink em and get over that ailment,

At 3/12/2007 5:39 PM, Blogger Barkernews said...

Nice shots!
Dude, now you guys out east are getting all the pow and we're getting HOSED by rain here in Ore-Gone.


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