Monday, April 02, 2007


back in boston, dreary weather greeted the plane, temps in the low 40's, rain. my commuter's drivetrain is in shambles after a winter of salted roads, stole dr mike's and cruised-down from his crib in swampscott. he's got a real nice set-up going, single ring up front, light mtb wheels with narrow conti gatorskins, cpl lights in the front and rear, real comfy ride. it was definitely an adjustment riding through boston commuter traffic after spending 10 days chillin' in the florida sun. had to get my act together, stay focused and remember that folks here don't give ya' a break like they do down south.

the riding in florida can be terribly boring, even with the beautiful views and animal life sightings.
most days i'd spot something new, on the last day it was a group of dolphins... definitely isn't boring commuting in boston, but, i'm looking forward to getting back home to vermont and riding some hills. the legs thanked me today for 10 days of "easy" base training, with a focus on smoothing-out my pedal stroke, but i've got a long way to go. when doing one-legged drills, it's jerky and unbalanced on the downstroke. i'm a masher and it ain't a good thing.

the sugarbush adventure games are this weekend, i'm rollin' the 10mile bike leg - no big thing - but a great excuse to sprint full-out for 30mins - it's hard to get that kind of effort alone - and it's time to start upping the tempo, getting ready for the season to come. 19 days till kick-off. the biggest downside to moving to vermont was losing the company of my good friend and training partner andy. can't wait for the roads to firm-up a bit and the gap rides to commence - those will lure that guy up to the north country!


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