Friday, April 13, 2007


everyone in the Valley with any common sense is skiing today. not i. gearing-up to ride 'cause i'm a completely f'ing bonehead. what's worse is that i'm all fired-up for it.

down south, north shore of boston way, Andy reports the trails are dry and temps nearing 50... was hoping to lay-down a solid 6hr ride tomorrow, the trails down south are calling me name... but life and responsibilities at home disagree. what to do, what to do...

hey, at least there's one sunny day in the forecast:


At 4/15/2007 6:46 PM, Blogger wraith said...

Grab the skins and do 6hrs of yo yo pain. Snow will be gone before you know it.

At 4/15/2007 9:52 PM, Blogger John Hurley said...

at least your in vermont. I'm sure the crappy weather would be that much worse down in beantown.


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