Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Coyote Hill XC - Race Report

hit-up the 4th in the northeast race series, my first real xc of the year. here's the skinny:

sat: slapped some '07 bling-bling xtr dual control levers and brakes on the steel deluxe in about 45mins, they'll be fine, right?

sun: late start to the race, got a touch lost and took a class 4 road that had jenn laughing pretty good while i manuvered the subbie through some pretty wild spots. seneca chose to nap.

at coyote hill was great to catch-up with mo and matt, harry and mike. good peoples. mo went-on to take 3rd in the open women's field, while harry snagged 6th in a large 19-29 expert field.

17 men in the open field, got a bad start, kept shifting my new rapid-rise xtr levers the opposite direction, who the hell puts new equipment on the night before? but, wanted to field test it before this wknd's Mohican 100, been meaning to use this stuff for a month.

everyone was battling hard for their spot. i rode stiffly across the technical 5mile loop, mis-shifting the new rapid-rise stuff less and less as the laps ticked-by, getting more into the flow of the course. rolling terrain with plenty of off-camber roots, tight corners, and high-speed corridors to have the 2hrs whiz by. finished-up in 6th place, 5mins off pace. i apologize to anyone i may have barked at out on the course, gary goodvibes was not my copilot on sunday.

mo having some fun.
thnks to mtbmind for photos. check-out their site for other race photos and whatnot.


At 5/29/2007 4:48 PM, Blogger IF Chicks said...

hopefully gary will be making the roadtrip with you and Andy this weekend. Get that equipment dialed in before you leave New England :)

looks like excellent weather for the coyote !


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