Tuesday, April 29, 2008

never quite enough ...

the past cpl wks have been great riding. little rain early this wk didn't put too much of a damper on things, needed to dry-out from the big wknd with my old school friends anyway. as usual, the big hrs haven't come through quite as planned. 15hr wks turn into 12, but it's hard to complain when you're busy w/trying to make a buck, the kiddo, and school - and still finding time to ride. this wk i was hoping for 20hrs, which is about as many as i can possibly squeeze into a wk and not fail life, but it's looking rough. picking finals wk (for UVM) for doing a 20 wasn't the best choice, but as an old boss used to say, "you get the most done when you're the busiest." yup. and i'm counting on getting a lot of the hrs this wknd on a massive Gap Attack! maybe the 20 will happen, especially if i'm especially slow doing that massive ride.

cpl stubborn patches of snow still left in my yard, just melt already!

decided this yr, now that we live in VT and do all sorts of tough-guy chores like splitting this massive stack of logs for the wood stove, the gym is no longer necessary. old school. anyone for a caber toss?


At 5/04/2008 6:23 PM, Blogger Jason said...

next you'll be entering those lumber jack competitions on ESPN 8 (the Oucho);)


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