Monday, May 05, 2008


there sure is a lot of epic dirt routes up this way. headed-out for a few hrs with shawn on sunday. rainy weather broke near the end and this crazy yellow orb appeared above our heads, warming our backs. shawn's knowledge of dirt routes coupled with what i know have massive epic dirt routes developing. i'm stoked to have found someone to train with locally (when schedules allow) - it's a heck of a lot more fun and will push us both harder.

with the snow disappearing fast on the mtns, many valley residents appear to be hanging-up their skis and getting in the saddle. a month ago i may have seen one other person when riding, now folks are everywhere!

i've mentioned to almost anyone who'd listen that the mad river valley could be an amazing destination spot for mtnbikers, which could potentially help the summer economy here. Sugarbush is kicking the lift assist under the guidance of john atkinson, but there's so much xc to be had here too! the biggest issue is no trail markers. but that's about to change. john is also mrv's trail guru and is gearing-up to mark a bunch of trails - and heads-up the charge on trail maintenance as well. i need to help him and the other dedicated valley residents who do all the hard work on the trails. training can be a selfish act, any "free" time i have, i'm looking to use to ride... but if you don't give back, you're kinda lame. i do my best to do basic maintenance when out training, moving obstacles from the trail, etc, but it's time to step-up for a cpl wknd sessions...

enough of this typing nonsense, time to crank-out some work so i can go ride this afternoon!


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