Wednesday, May 21, 2008

finally -

- a race! coyote hill this wknd. short track and hill climb sat, xc on sun. my first race since labor day of last yr. crazy. i wonder how the legs and lungs will do...

unfortunately, no ss for me this wknd, gonna go at it w/some borrowed gears, thnks shawn. my new IF ti deluxe ss 29'er frame is so mocking me right now. no fork, no wheels, no cranks, kinda tough to race it like that. to get rollin', i need to sell my steel deluxe, but i need my steel deluxe to train and race on. or at least i think i do.

i had a political/life short soapbox in here earlier today, about how lucky i am to live here, politics. but have done a rare blog revision... wasn't into it. i'm not usually into doing revisions here, this is first-draft country.

finally got my ass out for some trail work w/john atkinson last night. that guy is a trail building / maintaining machine (i'm tired today). w/o folks like that in the valley, it would be way less super-awesome. so, wed night trail sessions are in the calendar for twice a month, with catamount races the other 2 wed /month. better to be doing some trail work than none, am glad to be doing it.

i hadn't put words to it before. couldn't agree more. good stuff on that there blog of thom's.


At 5/23/2008 6:58 AM, Blogger Andy said...

hey, sweetness!
not you my dear,
but your new frame.

you are going to soooo enjoy never skipping and crunching gears again.


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