Monday, August 11, 2008

low pressure

the low pressure systems just won't budge, the rains have been persistent, following us up into new brunswick then back home again. a bunch of old friends were up this wknd, good times were had and the sun finally broke free for saturday afternoon (on my riding day off of course). I'm not complaining one bit, was stoked for some sun, it just figures that as dr mike and his lady rolled out mid-day sunday that sky was boiling once again and thunder rumbling all about. riding inside just wasn't gonna happen, not again, too much of that crap the past 10 days. of course, i could take all this rain as a sign and just work on the house, but the racer in me is desperate to turn the "base miles" of the co trail into power and speed. if i thought for one moment this season that i wasn't a real racer anymore, those thoughts are gone, replaced by a desire to do intervals and hill repeats on a quite dirt slope where haggard breathing and blood pounding in my ears is almost like music, a pain symphony. the season is already coming to a close, but there are a cpl more months of good racing to be had and a desire to crank-up the speed is unquenchable. this happens every year at different times. duration gets cut back by 25-50% and it feels really great to open it up.

time to go for the daily spin. of course it's raining again. at least there's a race on the horizon to begin tapering down for - the hampshire 100k this sunday.

it feels like this was soooo long ago, but it's only been 2wks:


At 8/12/2008 8:27 AM, Blogger rick is! said...

see you sunday. i'll be the guy riding towards the back...


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