Monday, June 30, 2008

new bikes are cool

sitting on the back porch, not wanting to go inside, read, watch the sox.
humidity has dropped out of the air.
masses of clouds drift apart, quickly disappear w/the sun's warmth, sparkle in its last streaks.

keep thinking 'bout the trail.
the Colorado trail.

3hrs/day of training.
i doubt it will be enough.
but it will be enough.
there will certainly be many "moments";
"moments" being something in the past.
when you're going through them they can go unnoticed.
maybe not.
but when you come-out on the other side, you only want to be back in that moment;
or desperately out of it.
the ups and downs, the incredible buzz and the incredible bonk.
"moments" are the reason andy gave me for doing 100 milers.
best reason i've ever heard.
for yrs mine was improvement.
but i don't enjoy beating people;
but i do enjoy winning.
a paradox in esteem?

finally feelin' good.
did devil's washbowl route 30mins too fast today.
felt slow, but finished-up quick.
the 29'er is a magic carpet.
big wheels keep on turning.

only have middle ring for now;
at first the 1x1 w/29'er wheels was surprisingly tough;
6hrs into riding the new rig, feels great.
stand at different points, sit at others.

bars are too high, too wide, too aluminum, easily solved.
too much sweep, focuses energy into my palms, down into the elbows.

ti is cool.
and new drivetrains.
and new saddles.
it climbs like a dream and i look forward to sitting down.
hard to beat that.
can't wait for tomorrow's test ride.


At 7/09/2008 4:45 PM, Blogger Tim said...

can i help when you come thru summit county?


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