Friday, June 20, 2008


current weather pattern brings-on clouds and rain every afternoon, a lot like its gonna be out on the colorado trail... the views are a groovy when mist, clouds, and strips of sun mix.

last night a game of poker went late, the tequila was flowing smooth, piles of brats disappeared. not feeling so hot this morning. and i wonder why i can't get-down to race-weight this yr. it's worth it. was a good time - and i'm such a sucker i feel bad for taking everyone's money. but only a little. those xt cranks just got paid for!

getting stoked for putney xc this wknd. it'll be the Steel Deluxe's last race, hope i can send her out on a good note. have had the rigid fork on almost all spring, really enjoy riding technical singletrack rigid, feel fully connected to the trail; it may even improve handling skills, who knows. but can i hang in a race on a rigid 26'er?

and should have the Ti Deluxe 29'er built-up next wk! once i move to that, i'll have no choice, i'll be racing rigid until gary fisher's death-grip on 51 offset 29'er forks ends. time to man-up. and the Deluxe will be off for a re-paint before auction... if anyone's looking for a sweet steel hardtail, you can even pick the color!

holy crapola i feel rough this morning. nothing a good ride can't fix.


At 6/23/2008 1:54 PM, Blogger rick is! said...

can't wait to see the new ride!


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