Friday, June 27, 2008

Colorado Trail in 26 days!

i just looked at the calendar to see what races i could sneak-in before the co trail and realized the trip is only 26 days away! insanely stoked! i haven't been doing much high tempo (interval) riding, instead been going for steady hrs, day after day, feel like i've been doing the right things to be ready. flat legs have had me riding a lot less hrs the past cpl wks, but they also seem to be coming back around. going on good, fun rides helps too, vs riding for training hrs. and talking about fun rides, i finally hooked-up w/the local mad river thurs night ride. met some folks and had a blast. solid riders, excellent skills. and rode some great new-to-me trails.

my arkel panniers arrived a cpl wks ago and i keep freaking-out on how heavy they are. i've decided to run front and back racks, but not sure i need the pimp panniers vs strapping a cpl dry bags to the racks - it'd save 3-4lbs. that's almost 2 liters of johnnie! (btw, i like that when you type "johnnie" into google, it takes you right to johnnie walker scotch). but, i also don't want to have anything on my back, so the extra size of these panniers would be great - just wish they were flyweight...

andy's running a the same size panniers, but that guy is a watts machine who never whines about weight, while i'm always thinking 'bout ditching a few ounces...

all this babbling about the co trail has me thinking i need to do a cpl things for that, cross a cpl items of the list. enough of this blogging nonsense!

this pic from the co trail "race" website has me all fired-up:


At 6/27/2008 4:25 PM, Blogger jason said...

I am still waiting to check that fork out! Along with the complete bike!

Possible 4th o'july outting?

At 6/27/2008 7:26 PM, Blogger jeff said...

the last box of parts arrived a few mins ago, will have the 29'er built-up by tomorrow afternoon, first ride on sun!

i'd be up for a 4th o' july ride!


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