Thursday, October 06, 2005

wisdom (lack of)

Been riding everyday. Nothing too weird there... but instead of focusing on a training plan, i've just been ripping around for 70-90mins, mostly just bike commuting, but a couple cool-down sessions on the indoor trainer after really intense rides. for some reason i like to ride until the bike computer reads "2". Not 1:30, but 1:32. Not 2:00 but 2:02. Yesterday i looked-down when i got home and the computer read, "1:22:22" then this morning i looked-down on my ride only once and the clock read: 22:22. legs feel amazing. clocks are reading "2's" all over the place. life is good.

A couple days ago I was incensed over Intelligent Design (Creationism, really) being pushed by the Bush Administration as a legitimate "science subject", to be taught alongside evolution. A point, the most important point really, is one I did not make, but Dr. Mike Walsh did the other night when I was spitting mad about it… Anything we teach in our schools should be based on facts proven by the Scientific Method or in the case of the social sciences, through reasonable interpretation - not on faith. Oh yeah, how 'bout that First Amendment? Should have mentioned that! I instead choose to focus on why I believe people find solace in religion and framed religion in the most negative of terms, focusing on people's fears bringing them to God for salvation from the unknown, it gives life meaning when all else fails.... I also decided to rope-in all religions vs focusing strictly on Christianity. Hastily typed or spoken words never seem to be wise or show wisdom. maybe i'll master that in another 30 years.

big kahuna ride this weekend. beverly to gloucester, on the nicest trails in these here parts. supposed to rain a ton - inches. be kinda cold. almost looking fwd to those conditions. so much nice weather this summer... and i find it's real easy to have fun when riding for 6 hours in cool rain - if you get psyched-up for it days in advance. be like Buddha, accept the rain.


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