Wednesday, November 16, 2005


so, here i am. at the dinning-room table (separated from the kitchen table by about 5 feet). big house we live in here in Medford... got a big bowl of american chop suey and a cold bottle of tuckerman's ale to wash it down with. should be eating a salad, but am just too dog tired to bother. work kicked my ass today, went-in early, again tom. but did go for a ride tonight... only to get my ass handed to me there too, just couldn't hold a line, would veer inches off-course and that's all it takes to eat shit on some of these trails... but the falls aside, the ride was good, it served its purpose. am refreshed now. ready to think of solutions rather than problems.

left the "packers" parking lot off school street at 4p w/andy, both of us with a lot on our minds. not a lot of talking, just a lot of falling. neither of us could get dialed-in for a while... rode some great trails, though, including g-spot, my new favorite. eventually ended-up on red rock overlooking cape ann (gloucester). turned-off the lights and just sat for 10mins looking-out at the lights below us. re-fueled, relaxed, reflected, then finished-off the ride with 30 more mins of solid singletrack back down to the cars on school street. nice 2hr ride (minus my double flats). couple beers, some laughs... now here i am. wondering how in the hell i'm going to get this video conference w/Botswana working by 10:30am tomorrow. don't even understand what in the hell the guy is saying. need to get him on the phone - early his time. ouch. another insanely early morning. sweet... the tuckerman's ale will make it all ok. if not this one, then certainly the next... or the next.


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