Friday, November 11, 2005

early run

i ran today. didn't mean to, just sorta happened. fell asleep crazy-early last night - the demo'ing of the front porch took more out of me than expected, or more likely it was the six-pack andy and i drank after. besides biking - hammering and sawing shit sure makes beer taste good. andy swung the 12lb sledge while i worked the crowbar and saw-za. good times. anyway, found myself awake way early today, so decided to drop some maxxis hansventures off at rob's house for him to try (was supposed to drop them off the night before, but that six-pack changed my mind).

as i found myself peering-through the follansbee's front door at 630 in the morning, i thought, rob's so hard-core, he's probably already out running. then i realized that if he wasn't, he or stacey would probably be pretty pissed to see me peering through their door. but, maybe i should ring the doorbell and ask if rob wants to run. then i realized i was thinking about running, that's weird. then i thought about how pissed i'd be if someone rang my doorbell at 630 in the morning, or how freaked-out i'd be to walk bare-ass naked down to the coffee pot and see rob peering through my door. so, long story longer, i got outta there and soon found myself at the trailhead in my carharts. hadn't really planned on running when i left the house. and it didn't totally suck, carharts and all. the broken toe is still kinda pissy, but only hurt going downhill. and now that i've gotten started on some cross-training, the question is, will i make it into a gym this year to lift? last year i used the tyler hamilton method of off-season strenth training - push the biggest gear on the indoor trainer as long as you can while watching re-runs of doctor who. i'm just guessing about the dr who thing. he seems like a dr who kinda guy, but for all i know, he's watching baywatch re-runs on the spanish channel 'cause they show a little more tail.


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