Thursday, November 03, 2005

night ride

weather's been perfect all week - needed to take advantage - went for a ride in the Fells w/andy last night. rode a trail that usually has me hiking a bit, but last night i got freaky on it. the Hansventures were sticking like glue and lines just opened-up, lines i'd never even thought of as being lines. weird that such a ride would occur at night... maybe the lights helped bring focus. maybe having rested legs helped... maybe not worrying about how the ride effected training helped... who knows. all i know is that it was an f'ing blast! don't want the snow to fly. even though i'm burned-out on racing and training, feels like i'm just gettin' into ridin', finally riding technical sections w/o thinking... it's just like boarding. by the time i'm rollin' through tough lines in the woods, taking good drops, etc, it's late march and the season's ovah... oh well, enjoy it while it lasts!


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