Tuesday, October 25, 2005

one more to go

in a few days, i'll be getting ready to finally finish this season off. the rains keep on coming, but i doubt they'll cancel the foliage 400 again. andy seems ready to rip - and after a long summer of daily riding he could be a true dark horse in this one. he was talking smack this morning... it also looks like they changed the course around - it no longer goes up and over the mtn, but stays on the lower slopes, looping up and down through mostly technical singletrack. may have to roll with the full suspension rig if the course is anything like last year's...

last weekend's epic in north conway was solid. we rode for about 5hours with a few breaks for mechanicals and whatnot. it wasn't a "super-epic", but was plenty enough riding just the same. a slew of mechanical issues kept us off the trails till almost noon, so we got-in about as much riding as we could before dark. the moats ride didn't pan-out, hit-up White Horse Ledge and sourounding hills instead. great climbing and descending - and some real sweet non-technical singletrack with a few challenging sections thrown-in. here are andy and daren rolling off a small drop - the 2' drop isn't even a speed-bump for these guys - i just thought the waterfall in the background made this one movie-material.

the rain held-off until nightfall and with temps in the high 40's, it was perfect biking weather. the couple stream crossings kept my broken toe numb, so can't complain about that. the night before the ride i decided to act like a jackass at dinner with jenn, then when we got home i slammed my little toe into something and was sure i had broken it. deserved it... its throbbing reminded me again and agian on saturday just how much of a turd i can be.


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