Monday, October 17, 2005

another day, another epic

Well, the rain finally blew-out saturday evening and by sunday morning we had some breaks in the clouds and high enough winds that things dried-out pretty darn quick. The Foliage 400 was postponed till the 29th due to flooding, so me and the home team shot-out for an all-day epic. Three weekends in a row i've been able to ride my mtbike all day long! You can't beat that. No way, no how. There are plans in the works for another epic next saturday, then the Foliage the sat after. Andy jokes that we'll all be single if we keep at it like this. Luckily i'm married to a woman who's totally down with my scene. Live to ride, ride to live!

Darrel (aka, Meat Tornado) joined us for sunday's ride. I think he knew what he was in for, but not quite. At 1/16th of a ton, Darrel is a lot of muscle - and all of it was poised precariously on my old Giant NRS. With flat pedals, boots and a bike that looked like a child's toy in comparison to his body, he had a long day in the saddle, but managed to smile through most of it - bruises and all. Besides being a Navy EOD Chief, he's one tough hombre.

Looks like we might make it 4 weekends of epics if this saturday's ride pans-out in north conway up and down the Moats... then the Foliage 400 the week after. i'm pysched the season's gotten extended. pretty damn sweet after getting so much rain this spring and not being able to ride the good trails for fear of destroying them in the mud.


At 10/22/2005 4:10 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I too am indeed lucky that even though my wife doesn't race, she supports my racing habbit and never bats an eye when I say I'm going riding for 4 hours or when I ask her for race support at a Solo event. Ride on!


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