Saturday, February 04, 2006

3 flat day turns golden

230min, 70m ride today, this is february? Was supposed to meet-up with a couple guys, but en route to the meeting place had 3 flats! First one was a chunk of glass, removed it, but didn't inspect tire fully, got going, piisssstttt, wtf? i missed a second piece of glass in the tire, decided to ride-on the flat to ATA Cycles which was en route to the meeting place. I hate ATA, they usually treat me like garbage, but today it was cool, guy dug-out second small piece of glass, i patched the tire and talked 'em down from 6.25 on a tube to 2/$10, fixed the flat, ran-out the door, got about 1/2mile, then pisssttt! Another f'ing flat! but f'ing glad i asked for 2 tubes. rode that flat down to the meeting place in harvard, but the other guys had already jetted-off... ended-up riding alone and just hammering it out. felt great, wandered around a bit in Acton, came back for a loop around the fells. just a great ride. thought about continuing today's ride into a full century, a sub-6hr 100m would be a great mental push right now, but wimped-out and made the excuse that i needed the legs for a big group mtbike ride tomorrow with Andy, Barry, George and others. but seriously, i'm scared of the beat-down andy's gonna put on us after resting past couple days. crazy winter! if you love riding, this is the shit. last season barely ended, pretty much have just ridden right-on through with lots of good food, beer and rest to fatten-up. crazy winter = crazy legs!


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