Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cohutta 100miler

Race season is finally coming together with this epic season opener! The Cohutta 100miler. If anyone out there has more info on this one, let me know - as i don't know anything about it except that i'll be on the starting line with Andy at 7am on April 22nd, ready to crawl into the pain cave.

June 17/18, 24hrs of Cutler
July 30, Jay 60
Sept 24, VT 50

If i do a solo 24, 24hrs of Cutler is it - solo 24 for $85! that's proper - and they raised $6000 for charity last year (that's why i race EFTA vs NORBA, all goes to charity). who needs $300 entry fees? why get reamed to race a race that no one cares about except you? even when you place, no one cares past that moment when you crawl-up on the podium and folks go "holy shit, that dude's insane." it's simply not worth paying Granny Gear, 24 of Adrenaline, or 24 of Great Glen when a race like Source Burn 24 can hook ya up with free Rudy Project's, Sirius radios, etc and the big venue takes a dump on ya (sorry, bitter about getting a set of cheap tires from 24 of A last year). i'd rather have it all go to charity, keep the tires.

Also racing as much of the EFTA circuit as possible. thinking of focusing on power for shorter circuit racing this year. why not?

5/7/06 Glocester Grind
6/4/06 Bradbury Mountain Challenge
6/11/06 North Shore Classic Bradley Palmer State Forest
6/25/06 Clifford Park Assault
7/9/06 All Out In Moody Park
7/23/06 The Eastern Cup
8/6/06 Papa's/Back Bay Cycles(Mud in your Eye)
8/27/06 The Pinnacle
9/10/06 The Horror at Harding Hill Road
10/1/06 Grillz Memorial

AND, in the news:
This article by the DEA was odd. Using human "drug mules" is ok, but using puppies is an "outrageous and heinous smuggling method". Poor puppies. it's ok if people risk their lives, but those poor puppies... it's ok if we put cosmetics in their eyes and all that, but dear god, don't use 'em to smuggle those drugs, that's what poor families all across mexico are for.


At 2/03/2006 8:40 AM, Blogger Jason said...


Agree with you on the races. That 24 in NY sounds good. 5.5 hours from my crib.

Check out the Wilderness 101 down here in PA in late July. Sweet race, lots of climbing, $130 to enter but that gets you 101 miles of supported racing, pint glass, food and free beer after. HUGE turnout and good vibes.


At 2/03/2006 10:00 AM, Blogger jeff said...

been wanting to get-down to the 101 for a couple yrs, but the Jay 60 is same wknd. 60m sounds short for endurance freaks, but man, it's a long 60 - you summit Jay Peak in first 2.5 miles, so the legs really get beat-up early. but, if i lived where you live, i'd be all about the 101 - only heard good things about it.


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