Saturday, March 18, 2006

good food, good wine

had tentative plans to ride the quad state double century today, but it just didn't work-out. am really impressed with the level of support provided by Sandy Whittlesey and crew and look forward to hooking-up with those folks in the near future. i haven't really done any epics on the road (to me a double is an epic) and never a umca sanctioned event. to those guys a double is a warm-up ride for a long season to come. it's inspiring.

tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer (38), calmer winds, am looking forward to getting outside for the first real interval work of the season, have a pretty ambitious plan for the day. bike commuting offers some aspects of intervals, but nothing like getting-out on the road bike with a set schedule of self-inflicted misery. it'll be great. tapered-down a tad at the end of this week and am resting today with the hopes of having a real solid session.

am also resting today 'cause some old friends came-over for dinner, will and beth were here from seattle, bought a bunch of fish and Doug cooked-up an amazing seafood boullabaise. great excuse to drink too much good wine, then with it being st patty's day, followed the wine with a btl of irish whiskey. needless to say, feeling a little rough today... dr mike is hanging, jenn has convinced him that a movie and chinese food is a better decision than going to work... big day here in medfah.


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