Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mohican 100!

All signed-up for the Mohican 100! Re-focused on the base miles, will skip this wknd's xc race to get some crazy saddle time w/Andy. Here's a little info from the website on the Mohican course:

"The Mohican 100 in North Central Ohio is refining the course and adding what riders want. This year should prove to be one of the more scenic 100s, already mostly tree covered and 93%+ dirt (the course is still being finalized).

This is a one lap RACE almost entirely in the 5,000 acre Mohican State Park and Foreststarting and ending at Ohio's crown jewel park lodge (adult beverages included with entry fee).

This course was designed in part by a veteran, experienced endurance racer keeping in mind all things loved and dreaded about other courses and assuring all the crap is excluded.

We have stream sections reminiscent of La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica (Crocodiles, Giardia, E.Coli and bike thieves left out), a little hike a bike, rock gardens, a long fire road climb at the start to separate the field before the trail tightens down, some fire road recovery sections, "off limits / NO BIKES ALLOWED" trail (we got permission for the day), screaming fireroad descents, tree canopied Amish buggy trails that wind through pristene old growth forests, and some rail beds that have the rails removed, but the stones left in place! to test your stones!

Oh Yea!!! the BEST part, NEARLY 40 MILES OF SINGLE TRACK !!!! YEA, ALMOST HALF THE RACE! Maybe more, if we can find it.

SO even though Ohio isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think of epic mountain biking, take a que from George Clinton "clear your mind and let your ass follow" to the Mohican State Park.

- finisher mugs to finishers, fill 'em at the keg (that's what this brother is talking about!)
- cash and prizes based on entries
- guaranteed to hurt
- total altitude gain in excess of 11,000 feet."

--Garth Prosser, Team Cannondale

Met Garth at the Cohutta, good dude, he won't steer us wrong.

RANT: May 1st was the deadline for the cheap entry, paid a rediculous $8 fee to get it there on time as i'd forgotten my checkbook at home and couldn't mail the entry on the 1st. $8 processing fee!? Come-on now.

Andy's signed-up, Parsons says he's in, Harvey's signed-up, will meet JM - and there's a rumour Lloyd Graves and Co could be rollin' - this is gonna be a sweet-as ride!

Other news: Riding home in the rain last, turned-off Memorial Drive in Harvard, went-down like a sack of trash into the roadway. Wheel just slipped-out on the wet bricks as i attempted to jump a curb into the street. luckily there was 100ft between me and the closest car, plenty of time for them to stop, but ripped-open the road rash from the Cohutta on the left knee and hip. My ego's also pretty beat-up too! Another reason to take 'er easy and ride defensively on the commute - it ain't no game being out there in traffic. One mistake is all it takes. First crash i can remember taking while commuting (minus this black ice thing a cpl winters ago)...


At 5/03/2006 11:30 AM, Blogger rick said...

looks like a sweet race. too bad ohio is so freakin far away for me. tough luck on the crash, had a close call the other day on my commute too. road rash bites.

At 5/03/2006 12:56 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Careful out there people.

Can't wait to fill that mug up!! Oh yes!



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