Monday, May 01, 2006

Doug's back!

Warning, this post has nothing to do with riding.

Red Sox reportedly reacquire Mirabelli

Watched Tim Wakefield pitch another fine game last week - and lose again. Josh Bard, our new back-up catcher can't seem to keep the dancin' knuckler in front of his body. It's a tough job to catch that crap - you have to be part hockey goalie, part cat. Wakefield being the stand-up guy he is, totally defended Bard's catching abilities, even after 10 past balls in 4 games... To me, Wakefield is the heart of this team (we all have to have a favorite player, right?) - and all of Red Sox Nation will breath a giant sigh of relief tonight if Mirabelli is sitting behind the plate... shit, maybe Wakefield will do what he does best against the Yankees - make 'em look like fools, swinging at balls that just aren't where they're supposed to be. At the very least Wake needs to make Damon look the fool. Guy couldn't shave or get a haircut with the Sox, but stuff a few extra bills in his pocket and he'll do anything you ask. And they say money doesn't buy love. But who cares about Damon, we got Coco! not a healthy Coco, but we got him... the best part of watching Wake is when he throws "the heat." guys are expecting this crazed knuckleball and instead Wake tosses a "85mph heater" right down the middle. the facial expressions are classic. the mouth hanging open is disbelief. "I let that go by!?"

baseball in the summer makes me happy. i can't explain it in any other way. it's a soap opera for sports fans.


At 5/01/2006 10:00 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Funny, I was just getting on to jag you about Damon. What a tool. Saw him swing and miss like a damn fool at a 69 mph knuckler. Sweet! I loved when ESPN put up his quote about how no amount of money could get him to play for the Yankees, blah, blah, blah, No amount but 12 Million $$$$. Oh well.



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