Friday, April 28, 2006

the hub

Another perfect day here in the Hub (of the universe that is). stopped on the longfellow bridge and snapped the above photage. my camera skills don't do the view justice. i remember being 23 years old and first coming to boston. i'd ride or walk across this bridge or through boston common and feel so lucky to be in such a great city. now, i'm usually so frustrated by people's attitudes and aggressive driving that i rarely stop and marvel at the city's history and architecture... over the past couple years i've become more aware (mostly through travel) to how expensive things here are. for example, in santa cruz (3 weeks ago) i bought breakfast which consisted of an odwalla juice, large cup of java, bagel w/scrambled egg and jam, and an "extra" bagel for "later" (5 mins after the first). total cost: $8. in boston that same meal would be at least $12. Another reason i can't wait to move to Burlington, VT! and i bet the view of Lake Champlain with the Adirondacks rising behind will be worth a lot more stops for photage's than the Longfellow bridge.

my 16.5" ellsworth truth frame, a Fox 100X (just rebuilt), and various other items are going on eBay this wknd. if interested, look for auctions by "whittij" - it's time to get some loot in the ridin' account, this brutha's tapped the f out!

talking to my dad yesterday and he says in a clearly pained voice, "i just wish one of these races would go without mishap for you." that's support. he and my mom were there (and funded) my trip to solo world's in 2004 and had t0 watch as i came into the pits with a clearly f'd-up hand, taking me out of the race. i think that moment had a big effect on them... but, i've had my share of great luck - and some terrible luck. i rode to a 2nd place finish at 24 of A Dalton last year w/o one mechanical mishap (23+ hours of saddle time w/o one mechanical!), but then had a faulty UST tire disentegrate at Jay a month later, but then came back and had a great VT50 (was a bit over-trained, but that happens) and finished the season off with a solid Foliage 400. What's the point of all this babbling? It's time to take my rig more seriously and spend more time on maintenance, try to get my mechanical-free racing from 75% up to 90%. freaks like us work too hard (at our jobs, our training, our lives) to let something as silly as a cheap chain ruin months of preparation.

i hope everyone enjoys their weekend of rides. big choice for me on Sunday. wells ave crit (ride 20miles to race, do the 45min crit, then ride home) or a 5hr early morning technical trail ride w/andy. i know what my heart want's to do - ride dirt! but is it the best thing for training!?


At 4/28/2006 1:22 PM, Blogger Jason said...

screw the crit! death traps. Ok maybe not death traps but they scare the hell out of me for potential injury. I vote big ass road ride. Just my 2ยข.

If I was Andy I would have be offended. Kidding of course.


At 4/28/2006 1:32 PM, Blogger jeff said...

no doubt, with my luck some yahoo (like me!) will take me out on the first corner and my collarbone will snap like dry kindling - and i'm no tyler hamilton riding through that shit - i'd just go home and get fat. i can't take the road anymore!!! it's all i've been doing this winter/spring. it's a necessary "beast of burden" as thom parsons would say, but i need to see some greenery. decision has been made, super-long technical mtbike ride on sunday. can't wait...

At 4/28/2006 5:17 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Nice! Screw the Crit when there is 50+ miles of single track up here just waiting to be torn up!
Just think of it as an unsupported race and we're testing our fueling's no lie! we'll be messed up after the loop, no doubt!

Just for the record- "my boy Andy" is cool with me dog.


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