Friday, May 30, 2008

colorado trail

things have a way of working-out sometimes.

last fall andy mentioned doing the 535m Colorado Trail self-supported "race." it was too long of a trip to realisticly ask jenn to watch seneca for w ith work and all. then recently andy, tim, & glen cook decided they weren't going to race, but tour. andy dropped this change of plans on jenn the other night and she says, "you should do it, the ride with andy." and that was that. now i'm hurriedly ordering components, racks, panniers, maps, plus making plans, pick-ups, drop-offs, flights, all that. when andy told me about the CTR, i was stoked, but knew it would take a miracle to get-away from reality. i guess, this is my reality. jenn is calling it a 'vision quest.' maybe it is. it's been almost 10yrs since the last one w/zoof.

Boulder Pass, August 1999

xc races are being scratched for dirt epics, 7wks till we hit the trailhead outside denver en-route to durango. figure i can squeeze-in more miles (and cut-down on fuel) by doing all errands by bike. seems like i should have been doing that all along!

if anyone lives up vt-north way and wants to do a dirt epic this sunday, lemme know.

a cool wind was howling the other day under a warm sun, clouds formed off the mtn tops, but sunny in the valleys. a great day for a gap-attack.


At 5/31/2008 6:30 PM, Blogger wraith said...

good thing it was her idea! You guys must be psyched! Have fun and don't forget the monkey butt.


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