Tuesday, June 17, 2008

love to ride

the past cpl wks have been incredible. nice weather and dependable legs, day after day. the initial plan was to put-in around 60hrs of spinning over 3wks as i kinda skipped the base phase this yr. by day 14 (last friday) i'd done almost 40hrs and my legs were cooked. a bit too much vertical and hard (fun) days on the mtnbike. the last 2 days of efforts were 545a starts w/shawn and on friday he was feeling good while i was cooked and chasing, but it was great. i'm stoked to have a cpl people who are of a similar mindset to ride with up here: one more hill; one more loop!

i decided to back-off the base plan and rest-up this wk before hitting a NORBA Root66 race this wknd. jenn and i had a nice wknd together (no bikes) and i'm feeling pretty stiff, so the goal is to just loosen-up with 2hr rides all wk, then hopefully be ripping by this wknd. who knows. all i know is that i'm becoming more and more of an epic ride freak and less of a racer with every passing perfect day here in the mad river valley of vermont... and with the CO Trail Tour only a month away, a desire to ride and ride and ride is unquenchable. who the hell wants to taper for an xc!?

there isn't anyone else i'd rather be with on a wknd off (or anytime)...


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Hi Jenny-mo


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