Monday, June 02, 2008

long ones

got-out for 4-5hrs w/jason a yesterday. a loop up and down perry hill, great flowing stuff, a little technical mixed-in, well-rewarded climbs. amazing trail work/maintenance. bike29 is involved in a lot of it (most? all?). then onto dirt, class 4's and v.a.s.t. trails for a duxbury/camel's hump loop, then back over to perry hill for another singletrack loop before calling it a day. jason sniffed-out this old bridge coming-down camel's hump. jason seems willing to explore just about any off-shoot trail, always looking for ribbons off the fireroads. good stuff, good company for a long mtb ride.

hopefully will be out there w/full panniers soon. need to work-out the kinks well before CO. at the very least need to get more 6-8hr rides vs 3-4hr ones. been crunching the numbers. 535m and 60k of vertical in 7 days is 76m/day with 8500k of vert/day. doesn't sound so bad. if it were for a cpl days. not sure how the body will react to 7 days of it. we actually have 8 days, but figure planning for 7 gives us some float. or time to get our drink-on in durango. now those will be some tasty beers.


At 6/04/2008 8:01 AM, Blogger Andy said...

in the spirit of "go ugly early" we will ride! 120m day 1 baby.


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