Monday, August 18, 2008

Hampshire 100k

yesterday may be one of the most horrible experiences i've had on a bicycle. harry went for it from the gun, winning in strong fashion in 6hrs and 10mins later - sweet!

my race started w/an upset stomach, seneca had the flu last wknd, i've been feeling low all wk but figured it'd pass by sunday. minutes into the race i was nauseous, but figured it was due to a late breakfast and fast initial pace. the legs felt pretty good, but having Harry (Precourt) and Chris (Gagnon) doing most of the early work helped the legs feel good. I was able to drink some fluids early-on, but the stomach was in rough shape. at mile 15-20 i decided i had to eat, just couldn't wait any longer, bonking was in sight. within 15mins of chowing i was all done. by mile 25 i was really cooked. everything just fell apart - power was gone and nausea gave way to full-on yaking. i crawled along for another 20miles hoping things would turn around and they never did. my saving grace was ginger ale at the aid stations, it was the only thing i could keep down, including water. i'd take a sip of water and get sick - i'd have to swirl it around in my mouth to wet the pallet then spit it back out. Ugly day for me. BUT, on a good note, it was a great day in the saddle for Harry - he won in convincing fashion, doing the early work, then pulling away for the win, including patching a flat or two.

the course was a bit rough, not much flow, a lot of fresh cut. i can handle sandy rail-trails if i know i'm gonna get a big singletrack buffet later, but it just wasn't so. maybe i've just been spoiled by the singletrack up here in central/northern vermont... on a good note, the race was very well run, the folks friendly, the camping perfect (and free), and the route marked superbly.

the IF road squad made an appearance w/5 members entering the race. good guys, hadn't met any of them (besides bruno and montello) before... it was their 4th race of the wk - a training ride. i gots respect for those guys.

i need to rest it appears. my body is simply shutting-down when the heart rate gets above resting rate. i'm not sure if it's the flu-bug from seneca or just too much riding and no rest the past few months... my dad is coming-up for a century ride this wknd, then the GMSR the wknd after, my first evah big road race. i hate rest, it feels like i'm getting fat and slow... but should have rested the wk i got back from canada, but like a fool, i rode in the rain everyday - usually for nearly 3hrs - on some pretty tough rolling terrain. fool. a little rest then would probably have been just the thing i needed...



At 8/18/2008 11:24 AM, Blogger Thom P. said...

JW, I was talking to GTL yesterday after the races. He was all like "Why would Jeff come to race with the Flu? It's nuts!". I told him you were mentally tough to a fault. You can get all sorts of gadgets to improve your performance and fitness but you can't train the the kind of grit you got guy. That and a rest week before the fifty and you will be like Godzilla on the bike, you'll be riding THROUGH the mountains, not over them. The course profile for '09 will look like I-70 going through Kansas when you're done with it. Woo!

At 8/18/2008 9:58 PM, Blogger hprecourt said...

what he said.


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