Thursday, August 28, 2008

dad's killin' it

my dad's been hanging in VT, destroying projects for us, getting his spin on. i had a great ride w/him for the mad river century. perfect day, 75, sunny, nice breeze at our backs for the home stretch. then instead of relaxing at the house, going for rides, he's been crushing projects. i can't be slacking in front of j sr, been doing my best to keep up.

have been in a weird place since the hampshire 100k. been taking it easy, not rest weeks, not riding a ton, but not much rest either, too much to be done; keeping-up w/dad, wood splittin', winter looms kinda stuff. and there's this race i'd like to crush. or 2. so, been trying to ride smart, rest-up, sleep as much as seneca will let us.

my results this season have been sporadic, few and poor. sept opens-up a whole new season of racing, looking fwd to going into it feeling good, fresh. this wknd's GMSR, never done a stage race, rarely a road race, could be just what i need to mix it up. then next wk is millstone grind mtb, my first rigid ss race, just another way to mix it up, who knows, maybe i'll like it.

what i am liking is the bike fitting i got from fit werx in waitsfield, smooth things out, get more power.


At 8/30/2008 7:51 AM, Blogger Thom P. said...

Good luck and golden legs at GMSR guy.
You racing as a 4?
Those poor bastards...they won't know what hit them. You gotta go all "Racine at Fitchburgh" from day one (I guess that would be today?) and ride off the front. All the team dudes'll be going "Ah, let him go, we'll bring him back". Think again bitches.

At 8/31/2008 9:08 AM, Blogger jason said...

Looks like we will be toeing the same line at Millstone. Which means I will get smoked.

see you then


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