Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bravest Woman in the World

I was about to write a race report from the Dalton 24, but when i opened explorer to navigate to my blog, i saw this story on Google News:


I had heard of this woman's plight a couple-few months ago and at the time, just thought, "how could there be such barbarism in countries we call allies?", but other than that, let it fall from my mind, until i saw this again today. Evil of this sort seems to always be pushed by people who believe in what they are doing... but it is impossible for me to get my head around their thinking. From the child sex trade in India and Indonesia, to the civial war atrocities in West Africa, to our own invasion of Iraq, our world is still in the grips of brutality. Once again, i think "what if." What if the United States and our allies utilized the same resources we do for war, to bring peace, food, and as much security as possible in these brutal and war-torn areas of the world? It is a much more complex issue than this and cannot be successfully commented on in a few paragraphs, so i will not even begin to try... this blog was more to honor Mukhtaran Mai's courage and strength in the face of such impossible odds. Sometimes, one person can shake the world.


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