Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the taper continues...

A big weekend for us at 121 Fern with the family visiting. Had some good times, good food, saw some old friends (my parent's friends too) and on Sunday night ate a couple lobsters bigger than a Chihuahua! It was good to see my folks and have them check-out our scene.

On Thursday Jeff Sr and I went for our first road ride together - a 90min low intensity ride on the roads around the Fells. Early in the ride, as I eased-up on the pace, my pops shot by - he wasn't out there to dink around! It's hard to believe that he and i could go for a ride together - considering he hadn't been on a bike for who knows how long before getting into the gym for spinning classes late last year... We had to skip the Tilton to Campton, NH ride due to weather, so instead on Sunday we went for a medium duration and intensity "father's-day" ride to Concord, MA under thick and ominous cloudy skies - so much for postponing our ride for better weather. Anyway, it was really cool to ride with my dad - and i'm really proud how far he's come in cycling so fast - hitting the weights and the spinning classes hard definitely did him a solid.

For me, at this point, it's just about maintenance rides, building glycogen stores properly (which sometimes involves depleting those stores through a hard, steady effort), and getting good rest (sleep). The rest part didn't really happen over the weekend or last week, so making-up for it this week by ignoring the house projects and focusing on relaxing with some red sox games on tv. Just trying to get the legs feeling good as they haven't really been "right" since the high volume week ended 8 days ago... don't want to not ride enough, but also want to give the legs some R & R.


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