Wednesday, July 06, 2005

big ring

Yesterday we drove back from New Brunswick, got back by 530p or so - giving me plenty of time to hit the fells for a short ride before dinner. i got the litespeed in order and headed-out for an mtb around 630. by 645 it is was apparent my legs have undergone some sort of metamorphasis - they're crazy huge right now. i wish i had a race tomorrow as it'd surely be a breakthrough. the question, is, how in the hell do i keep them feeling this good for the rest of the summer? how do i keep pushing huge gears with this little effort? i guess i'll just keep the same training cycles and see how it goes, but right now, i'm really, really psyched... and a little freaked-out as i want to keep my legs feeling this way forever, but i know it'll only last a couple days. i just have to be smart about how to tap into this power for the other "A" races of the season. I see the patterns in my training and the results... now to test them out.

i wasn't planning on riding Moody Park as i'd like to help my brother-in-law and sister-in-law get some renovations done on their business... but i also don't want to "waste" such great legs... have to see how the weekend pans-out... but with a 4-man team potentially coming together for Pat's Peak the weekend after this one, do i really need to race this weekend? i want to make sure i'm challenging my legs and keeping-on them to improve and strengthen throughout the season, but am also wary of mental burn-out. right now, i'm not hungry to race. i want to train and to ride, but i'm not chomping at the bit to race. if i skip this weekend's race, i'll be thinking about it all day sunday and by next weekend will be super fired-up to race pat's peak.

Big props to Nathan for 'almost' riding circles around the flat-landers!:

Of course, Nathan also just posted that he hit 54mph - making it even worse that i pulled-up at 49.9mph on sunday. 49.9, 49.9, 49.9. AHHHHH!!!!!

I still have images of sparcely populated New Brunswick in my mind. After passing through the small village of St Martin's on the Bay of Fundy, the road turned-up and followed along the ocean - and this ocean-side road wasn't crowded with vacation homes, but modest ocean-front family farms. Amazing. Cows were literally grazing right down to the seashore, or to the line of tree cover between the farm and the ocean... that's how you know it's legit - folks leaving trees between themselves and the water to protect against the winter storms... here we'd cut down all the trees and build a giant sea-wall... Anyway, can't wait to go back and ride what the New Brunswick locals call their "Rockies" sometime soon...


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