Thursday, June 30, 2005


Even though it's only been 4 or 5 days since the epic race, it's time to move-on and focus on the next big one. Jay. That course handed my skinny butt to me last year and i've sworn to hammer it this year - no mercy for that course. The mud will be crying. Yeah right!

Anyway, the point is, i've been on the bike everyday this week with the exception of Monday, as the bruising on my posterior wasn't having any of that - and the last 2 days have been surprisingly good. I re-discovered the joys of Neosporin as it has helped heal-up the wounds faster than anything else i've used ... since neosporin - and the industrial sized-tube Jenn grabbed has me applying... ummm... liberally. But, that's not what i'm senselessly typing about - this is about my legs - they're great! No seriously - they feel really good. Yesterday evening i got fiesty and motored-home with the heart rate at about 150-155 w/o any hard breathing and today just cruised for 90mins in a bigger gear than expected. Interested to see how my afternoon ride plays-out. If it's good, i may extend it and go for a light 60min mtbike ride too. Get a nice 180-200min day in when i expected to only get 90min days this week. I'm still a little feable on the climbs, but those muscles will come around. The high-quality diet i focus so hard on helps build things back-up pretty quick, so by next weekend and Moody Park I'm looking for some fast-twitch to re-develop and be back to "normal." Whatever that is! Getting whipped by the likes of Ben M, Matt B, Dan V, Troy M and others I guess. Hey, i know i'm a small fish in a big pond, but i sure like to make ripples in the water from time to time.


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