Tuesday, June 28, 2005

24hr Endurance MTB Race, Dalton, MA - The #'s

Here are the numbers. A race report to follow...

1045) when we arrived on-site
12) start time
8.4) lap distance
93) high temp on sat
3) pit crew (darrel, jenn and andy)
1220) feet of climbing per lap
100) lbs of ice in our pit
12) electrolyte pills consumed
26) ibuprofen taken
720) ounces of water drank
834) sunset
14) cans of coke drank
9) ... by me
288) ounces of beer "missing" from cooler
15) squirts of pedro dry lube
0) times chain was cleaned
2) times bike was cleaned
518) sunrise (thank god)
62) low temp on sun
100000) pedal strokes
2) lbs of dust breathed-in
9) mins of longest stop
1) mins of shortest stop
20) laps
5) times jenn told me she loved me
3) times i slopped bag balm on my ass
1) clothing change
168) miles
24,400) feet of climbing
1) # of times the pit crew told me to speed-up pit breaks
4) potatoes brought
40) est top speed!
12) water bottles of nasty-as carb/protein drink drank
80) times i thought i'd throw-up
21) laps winner did
23) mins between 2nd and 3rd
28) mini-cups of water dumped on head at checkpoints
1) ...times someone did it for me
6) miles jenn ran making sure nathan was ok
112,595) feet to be climbed in le tour de france
2242) miles to be raced in le tour
6) est lbs lost 2 days after race
270) cost of entry fee
1231) when I stopped pedaling!
2) place!
50) value of podium prize


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