Friday, July 08, 2005

stupid spill // pat's peak 24 team lined-up

My 'miracle' legs have been beaten-down by a couple hard days of various interval work. It's odd, if the legs feel great, i feel a great need to beat them until they are heavy and sore... then i feel good about training - if the legs feel like gold, then i'm paranoid i haven't been doing enough. Crazy-nuerotic.

After getting home yesterday, i jumped on the Litespeed and cruised over to the Fells for a short, easy ride to polish-off the day's efforts. At the house i didn't really feel like doing another session, but i had my gear-on from the ride home and had planned on 180 total daily mins, so away i went under heavy clouds and cooler than normal temps. a couple miles into the Fells i still felt sluggish and was just cruising along, thinking about everything except riding - and bam! i was on the ground. hard. usually when i fall, i'm attempting to ride a tough line and am ready to be ejected, but this one took me by surprise, making it worse. left hip and knee took a good shot - bad enough that last night it woke me up everytime i rolled onto it while sleeping. this morning i can ride from the saddle, but standing is not comfortable. it's just bruised - as was my ego yesterday! just glad i got one of my yearly "spaced-out" falls out of the way in training versus at a major race (like last year's 24hr world's). As the thai-food cook says in the 5th element, "ahhh, see good in bad, nice philosphy..."

We also just got our 4-man team lined-up for the Pat's Peak 24 in 8 days. Nathan, Harry, Jason and myself. I've written a bit about Nathan and Harry on the blog, but not Jason - he's a wicked-fast single-speed rider with a penchant for pain - as his totally rigid ss xc bike attests to! Andy will be riding the 12hour solo and Brad is thinking about busting-out a solo 24! Nice. Should be a good time and a GREAT tune-up for Jay in 23 days as the PP24 course is steep - making for great climbing and descending.


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