Friday, October 07, 2005

Big Kahuna ride tom!

Supposed to rain 2-4" tomorrow. That'll make the Big Kahuna interesting! If you go into something thinking it's going to be miserable, it certainly will be. So, i'm going into it totally psyched - and it'll be a blast! Bring it on! Monsoon me.

Just picked-up a new-to-me car today. A SAAB 900S hatchback. 93,000miles, mint condition. The thing looks and runs great. The guy that owned it before seemed like a cool enough dude, the kind of guy you could watch a Sox game with, even if he does make a zillion bucks/year. Talking about the Sox... acutally, i don't want to talk about the Sox. I know Tony G feels bad enough for lifting his head before picking-up that double-play ball, but you're a professional baseball player with 10years in the league! Ughhh. Sox will definitely be playing in the rain tonight, but no way they can cancel with the rain we have in the forecast for the next 3-4 days. I'm just hoping for a the wind to be blowing out or across the diamond. If it blows in, Wakefield's knuckleball is pushed to the plate too fast and will be as easier to hit than a beachball.

Putting disc brakes on the Litespeed tonight. Will need 'em for tomorrow's ride. No doubt. 5-6hours in the saddle, in the rain, on technical singletrack, with rim brakes, no thanks.


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