Friday, October 14, 2005

foliage 400 this sunday

man, it's been raining like crazy here. 9" up north last weekend, haven't seen the sun in over 7 days... 3-5" today/tomorrow up north. but, looks like it's gonna finally blow-out of here on sunday. literally. 50mph gusts expected. but wind and mud aside, we're going to have a good 'ole time at the foliage 400! end the season just like we started it - with weeks of endless rain and mud. andy, brad, harry and i are rollin' solo. daren and george are kicking it with a 2-person team. other crank folks showing as well. then it's time to put the race bikes away and focus on riding as much as the weather allows... maybe some snow studs for the bike this winter. La Ruta isn't going to happen this year due to a lack of Benjamins (bought that Saab last week)... but it's all for the best. next season can focus on new goals, new races... and focus on a new training plan this winter... but first need to take it easy for a couple months. give the body some fat to turn into power! or at least that's what i'll be telling myself as i stuff myself with great food and plenty of beer.


At 10/15/2005 6:00 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Nice blog. Good luck at the Foliage 400 sounds like it's gonna be epic with the rain. Late. JM


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