Tuesday, October 11, 2005

in the news

Germany's confusing political situation... and movement into Communism. Be interesting to see how their economy handles this storm. Can't be any worse than how f'd we're getting by Bush's big-oil croonies in this country.

More on this administration's push to put money in the pockets of big-oil. When i heard this last friday on NPR i almost threw-up:
I especially like Delay's unabashed arm twisting on the Floor. guess it doesn't matter that he's now indicted on money laundering charges:

Miers for Supreme Court!? REDICULOUS! Cronysim at its absolute worst.

Indy Star Article
Even Canada sees through the cronyism

I do what i can - send-in email petitions, donate funds, etc, but it doesn't seem or feel like enough. time to see what else can be done... this cannot be allowed. Where's
Hayduke when you need him?


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