Monday, November 21, 2005

back in gear

rode to work today after a 3-4 week hiatus. it was solid. while i don't feel burned-out on riding too often, i definitely get burned-out on the commute. 9 miles of boston driving insanity... it's not the traffic or the ride that burns me out, it's the prep. it takes anywhere between 5 and 20mins in the winter months to ride 30-35 mins... then again at night for the ride home. so as summer fades, the race season ends and temps drop, i get fed-up. so i drive once or twice, but usually take the t... it doesn't take too many late trains or 60min/9mile drives for me to quickly flip-out. so i start riding again - and today was that day. thank god. on a bike i feel above it all. the only thing holding me back or making me late is the strength of the sticks.

30 days of the boss on satellite radio.

double kahuna this wednesday. 50+ miles of technical north shore singletrack. this ride has been attempted before, only to reject and deject those foolish enough to try (that'd be me and andy) - but not this time. what's going to be really tough is cramming a 10-11hr ride into 8.5 - as that's how much daylight we'll have once we depart at 8a... andy says the motto of the day is, "keep it rollin" - no doubt. but a real good crew assembled for this one. if these guys can't do it, it cannot be done!


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