Thursday, December 22, 2005

runnin' w/rob

Met Rob at 645 (sunrise at 710) for an hour run in the Fells. He'd put sheet metal screws in his shoes for traction while i fell about a dozen times, trails are insanely icy. As we finished-up i say to rob, "thanks for running slow with me", his response, "no problem." that dude cracks me up - and put a wicked hurting on a brutha. my back and legs are cooked. haven't run for an hour straight since last year's Jay 60 when my tire decided to disintigrate 25miles in.

goal is to hit 10 hours this week
(should be able to get two, 2hr rides laid-down while in georgia with the fam, 55 degrees tom and sunny! Nothing too intense, just good solid rides w/my pops. my folks are real generous come the holidays, but man, riding w/my dad, seeing him get into shape is a pretty awesome present. that goes for my mom, sister and bro-in-law too. my sister weighs less now than she did in 8th grade and has been running 5k's, my bro-in-law is down to a 33" waist, jenn's brother has lost a ton of weight, looks great, the whole family got crazy-fit - it's awesome! i bet we'll spend an extra 10 xmas together becuase of it (is that a good thing!?, just kidding mom). the only thing that's tough right now on the fitness front is jenn's knee. surgery is imminent, doctor consult next friday, but her PT says she will be running by June. it'll be here in a flash... but no Jay Challenge marathon repeat for her next yr, but i bet by next fall she's running 8-10milers again.

Next week
could be tough to get the hours in w/2-4 days of boarding planned, will have to hit-up the indoor in the early mornings. nice thing is that legs really respond well if i ride before boarding. am also psyched to do some hiking if snow conditions warrant it. the weather dudes are saying we could get a full-blown winter storm w/some sleet on xmas eve, then snow-showers everyday next week. the boarding is looking real sweet if this storm stays snow/sleet and doesn't go rain on us. folks are saying it's been the best decemeber in a long time, i'm really looking fwd to enjoying the tail-end of it. come-on snow...

i did wimp-out and skip the planned bike commute this morning, was crazy-late from the run and feeling pretty beat. was out w/dr mike and andy last night for a few pints, good times, but left me a little short on go-go juice, the double espresso i just threw-back is helping - see another in my future.


At 12/24/2005 2:07 AM, Anonymous .n. said...

That stinks about Jenn, but I'm sure she'll bounce back in no time. Wish her well for me!!


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