Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Johnny? How Could You?

Johnny Damon has sold his baseball soul to the devil in a "secret" 52m, 4yr deal with the Yankees. Hold-on a second i have to go throw-up ...

First the Sox let Theo go, now they f' the goat on Damon. How in the hell do you lose the best lead-off man in the game!? Fire the two new incompetent GM's and get Theo's ass back in the big-man's chair. And fire Larry Luccino while you're at it, as he must have been Christmas shopping for Ortiz's new gold teeth when this deal went down. WTF? With the acquisition of Beckett and the possible elimination of "Mannie moments" for Tejada's consistency, i thought we were looking pretty good. At least we're finally cutting Millar's whining arse.

And to answer Dr. Mike's comment below, i've been training hard for the Highland Games all winter!:

i'm not passed-out drunk, but training for the '06 Highland Games!


At 12/21/2005 4:38 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Daman will surely, SURELY!!! Go to some sort of baseball hell. What-the-F!! It's one thing to lose him. BUT to the Yankees!! It was all down hill from the the appearence on Queer Eye/Straight Guy.
Jeeezzzzusss-H!! Oh well, at least people care about the Sox. Try being a Pirate fan. Yikes!


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