Monday, December 19, 2005


saturday's annual holiday party was solid. the wknd began with andy rolling-over friday afternoon to "help" put our new front door in. basically, he did the work and i handed him tools, held stuff and fetched fresh beers from the fridge. it was pretty freaky to bang the door frame out with temps in the high 20's outside, but it went smooth and the door looks awesome - as does the mahogany stairs/porch Matt is building - nice improvements to the crib. what does this have to do with riding? Not much, besides keeping me from it! Didn't ride fri-sun, but was back online this morning, temps in the 20's, same for whole week, am pysched for this great December weather!

back to the party, huge props to our buddy dr mike for taking care of so much shit on sat/sun. cooked the annual xmas slab of meat (14lbs of tasty dead animal), saved me from myself when i spazzed-out at jenn for "breaking" the garbage disposal, which wasn't broken at all, nor jenn's fault by mine, and helped clean everything up on sunday. as usual, he's the man. was also real solid to see our friend josh who's lived abroad and in cali for too many years. one funny mofo.

few days of work here, then down to georgia to see the fam on thursday night. this week's goal is to get a couple good outside power/strength efforts in w/ 30-60' indoor trainer work/day. in georgia can go to Jeff Sr's plush gym which is nice benefit of himing getting into the riding scene. ride the spinning bike, lift, then run on the spongy track for 20-30mins... or better yet, score J Sr's riding buddy's extra bike and head-out for a couple hours with my dad (temps in the low 50's!). considering how hard j sr works, it's pretty amazing he's made the life change and become a cyclist. before the strength and spinning began, things were sliding for him pysically, even the golf game suffered. couple months ago he shot in the mid seventies. Viva la cycling! Riding behind him and seeing these big 'ole calves is pretty wild.


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