Friday, December 16, 2005

tis the season

well, tomorrow night is the big xmas party. been sprucing the joint up. andy's rolling-over to 121 fern later, we're slapping a new front door in before the party. this could go horribly wrong, but shouldn't if we keep our heads out of the beer stash. it's tough when there are cases and cases in the basement. gritty's, tremont, seadog, you hear what i'm saying. dr mike is rollin' over after dinna, many beers will not live to see sunrise.

temps were downright balmy this morning at 32-33, but the ice and 50mph gusts were too nasty for a safe ride - totally insane to be out there. talking about insane, saw a currier bust a crazy-line through traffic on a fixey last night (while using his nextel) - was awed, some of those dudes can really rip - and take huge risks. whatever gets ya' going. i'm sure that same dude is out there today, it's his job, while i was warm at home, spinning-away while watching the news, drinking da' java. life is good. but a part of me will always want to be riding for a living. sometimes it's 100%, sometimes 30%, but it's always there.

why does my back still hurt!?
may have to rest.
can't let this drag-out.
rest is a slow death.
just want to ride.


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