Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ahead of schedule

Felt good on the ride home last night, legs opened-up a bit, got me motivated to do a couple 10min LT's on the indoor before light upper-body/core strength work. Last year I didn't move into daily rides or LT work until late jan, am way ahead for 2006.

This morning got-off to a good start with a 30min run w/Bronte-dog on some real icey trails - solid plate glass, see a wooly mammoth frozen under your boots icy. Wore my hiking boots and took it cautiously, cruised 2.5-3m in 25-30mins, felt good to mix it up. Had to pull the plug on a run last wk due to back still acting-up, but it's feeling better now. Been running the stairs at work w/the bike - today was first day I made it to top w/o breaking into a walk. Legs are coming along.

Cannon is finally opening-up from top to bottom this wknd. I can't f'ing wait to get-up there. Of course, the only major storm on tap is looking like shit, a wintery mix on xmas day, about the worst thing possible. It'll immediately be followed by an arctic blast which will freeze the wet snow solid, just in time for my week off. I remember heading to Cannon early one season after such a storm w/my bro-in-law Chris. The ticket saleswoman told us not to buy a lift ticket, but we scoofed, "don't you know who we are? We're new england riders, a little ice just keeps ya' on your toes, ya know?" she apparently did not know who we were and just shook her head. 15mins later Chris and I found ourselves encamped on the only snow-covered mogul on top of a large wall of blue ice that must have been 24" thick. Holy shit. Can't ever remember being scared at the mtn before. We'd been traversing across the hill when we encountered the ice and slid out-of-control off the traverse and onto the miracle mogul. It was wicked. We probably hung-out for 10-15mins desperately looking for escape. Finally, we sucked it up just let 'er go, sliding at warp speed down the ice face, no worse for wear at the bottom, but definitely done for the day… lesson learned, when the 50-something local tells you it's bad, believe 'em.


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