Thursday, March 30, 2006


it's been a crazy week. tons of work. jenn and i leave for florida tonight to visit family, back next thursday, unpack, then re-pack for 6am flight to sea ottah on friday. besides trying to find time to ride for a couple hours/day, i've got one of those pesky job things that's been really crazy the past couple months, this vaca is just what we need right now. jenn's been working mad overtime at her gig, so we're both ready to get the heck out of here and just chill-out. initially, i was thinking the 6-day trip would be a rest wk from the bike, but the legs are feeling good, no signs of overtraining, so might as well take it up a notch and try to get some quality hours in, train hard for 6 days, then taper for 3 before the ottah. i might not be super-fresh for the otter, but it's not an "A" race, the Cohutta 100miler is the one i need to be ready for.

6 days of eating well, catching lots of zzz's, riding under sun-drenched skies, hanging with the fam, little beach-time, get re-acquainted w/my wife... even gonna play golf a couple times! to me, golf is a relaxing walk in the park, with a game thrown-in to amuse ourselves with while we wait for the 19-yr old nubile cart girl to come rollin' around with a cpl cold ones. gotta beat the heat somehow! as andy would say, "there's plenty of time to master golf when we can't throw a leg over the tob tube anymore." no doubt!


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