Thursday, April 06, 2006


we keep our crib in medfa' anywhere between 54-62 degrees in the winter (which is basically from october till may it seems). after getting back from florida for a wk, i'm freezing my arse off! where's summer!? i felt guilty doing it, but got the thermostat "cranked" at 63. my hands are so cold, i'm having trouble typing. where'd my cold-weather mojo go!?

it appears i'll be doing a website for famed frame builder christopher igleheart, formerly of Fat Chance bicycles (i think, there are too many stories to remember from late nights drinkin' beers at the shop). many folks from fat chance started Independent Fabrication, whom i'm lucky enough to be riding for at the grassroots level this year. Speaking of which, Lloyd Graves, the last of the IFab founders in Somerville, let me know my freak-bike will be ready by or before April 15th - in plenty of time for the Cohutta 100miler! It'll be a good test on the new rig for the 24 hours of cutler (or whatever name they've changed it to). all the parts for the freak-bike are in my basement or at the shop, ready to be locked and loaded. the question is, am i?


At 4/06/2006 12:32 PM, Blogger Jason said...


Anxious to see that IF.
They make a freaking nice frame!



Stay warm. I have NO cold weather mojo.



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