Monday, April 03, 2006

so mellow

the tale of two rides. yesterday was all-out, race simulation day, never let HR go below 150, managed to look around a bit, see some wildlife, enjoy the views, but by the end was deep in the pain cave, sun beating me down, out of cliff electrolyte drink, stomach tight, just wanted off. right where you want to be when pushing. then today's ride. so mellow. 2hrs and 45mins of just cruising around at about 17-18mph, heart rate chillin' under 120. rode along manasota key, checked-out the azure blue of the ocean on one side, the inland river and manatee habitat on the other. i can't remember a more pleasant ride. on the way back, i rolled through some of the gated golf course communities, relaxed, didn't really want to be done, to get-off the bike. legs are right where i want 'em to be, weather is perfect, the never-ending flat terrain of florida perfect for a recovery spin.

need to think about what interval work to do in the next couple days before tapering-down a bit for the sea otter. here's hoping for a good one. have put about 30% more hours on the saddle during this pre-season (jan-mar), if that doesn't have me close to the front... well, i guess i'll just have to ride more then. then some more. if that doesn't work, i'll ride some more.


At 4/03/2006 6:09 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Sounds like this vacation was just what the doctor ordered!


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