Friday, April 14, 2006

the freak bike commeth!

i liked coming to my blog this morning and seeing a pic of my wife. she's awfully purty.

got a call from joe at IFab yesterday, the freak bike was done! stopped by the factory on my way home (it's literally right on my commute home), threw the custom steel deluxe into the currier bag, only clipped one car with the frame as it protruded awkwardly out the side out of the bag. car alarm went off, and off i went! for some odd reason I insisted in picking-up my bike by bike, even though Jenn and Dr Mike both offered to grab it for me by car. It just seemed to make sense...

Too bad i don't have a digital camera to snap some photos of this bad boy, it's not just a bike, but a work of art. i told the boyz in somerville that i already feel bad for how much i'm gonna beat the piss out of it. their response, "dude, it's a tool. use it." Nice. dr mike did me a solid and brought the frame and parts up to Western Cycle this morning, as he's got the day off to hang with zoof. Nice! at this point in my biking career, i have almost all the tools and skillz needed to put a bike together, but i'm still enough of a mechanic newbie that i'd rather have the pros do it. AND, they're the shit at western cycle. if ever in Danvers, MA (or Boston), you gotta stop-by. No hard sell, you get what you pay for, and there are no surprises.

my closest friends from high school are in town this wknd (well, actually, we're a man down, our boy Josh is in San Diego...). 13yrs later and we still hang tight. had a few too many beers last night. zoof's flight was delayed, too bad for him and his wife, perfect for me! got a great ride in with the "found time." sweet! chris arrives today at 230, i've got loads of work to get through, but looking fwd to happy hr w/the boys... just need a nap first.


At 4/14/2006 4:16 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Look forward to seeing the bike. Hopefuly not from behind at the Cutler /Harcore 24! Get some photos STAT!


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