Friday, May 05, 2006

to race? to train? or both?

this sunday is the EFTA season opener, the Glocester Grind. from what i understand it's a typical coastal new england xc race. technical rocky singletrack, minor climbs, sandy fireroads, 4 short laps, 22-23 total miles. what i'm geeking-out about is whether i should continue to focus on the base miles with a 5-6 hour road ride on saturday, then an eaasy 2-3hrs on sunday? or train right through this race - something i usually don't do. i'm all about going into events in the best form i can muster (which isn't always much), but with the Mohican 100 4 weeks away, then the mont sainte anne marathon 2 wks later, need to go into that 2 week stretch carrying immense base fitness so i can taper for both events. have asked a few folks whose opinions in these matters is most excellent. across the board the answer has been to rock the EFTA - and train right through it. ouch. as thom mentioned, "you just can't fake efforts like this" and he's right.

i hope everyone else has a great wknd of rides! and good luck at Lodi jm.


At 5/05/2006 1:38 PM, Blogger rick said...

here's what you do, ride your bike to the race, do the race and then ride your bike back. epic day in the saddle. I've done that with time trials before and it works well, you probably won't win but you'll get your miles in. Of course, if its more than a couple hour ride than that might not work so well...

At 5/05/2006 1:56 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Thanks Jeff, talk soon.

At 5/05/2006 7:14 PM, Blogger Andy said...

you know what to it up!!!


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